Working for a company with the highest rated Customer Service doesn’t make me an expert in CS. But it does make me really appreciate the finer details of when it goes right and when it goes horribly wrong. Here’s a case study in the latter. My family arrived at SFO to fly United an hour […]


When I was in college, I was in a fraternity. That may be hard to believe. But it was an engineering school, where the male:female ratio was about 8:1 (“…where the Men are Men and so are the Women…”), and 90% of the undergrads found their social life in the Greek system. So my friends […]

Vaccines & Autism == 0

The Lancet finally disavowed the original scientifically proven fraud that started the whole “vaccines cause autism” fiasco, which has undoubtedly cost childrens’ lives and done nothing to lower the rate of autism. The author of the study had a financial interest in his so called findings. No one could reproduce those findings, though at the behest of […]

Funny or Sad?

The idea of white roofs cutting down on interior cooling costs is nothing new. The science is so sound, we simply call it engineering. Sec. Chu points out the magnitude of the potential savings (i.e., if we had all roofs and roads in hot zones reflecting more light vs. absorbing+radiating heat) as roughly comparable to […]

Why We Need a New Universe

My wife and I watched two episodes of the History Channel’s “The Universe” series and nearly died of apoplexy. The show’s premise seems to be that there exist a vast number of people who are both vaguely interested in science and at the same time are too dumb to understand even the most basic concepts. […]